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Boy Scout and Sports Cap Combo

Boy Scout and Sports Cap Combo

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  • Flame resistant :This bottle can be placed over a fire to boil water, or use as a hot compress pillow
  • Light weight and rolls up:This bottle weighs 6 ounces, and rolls up to fit into your backpack for the next use

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Working together with the Boy Scouts, we chose 2 logos, Camping and Conservations, both very important to the life of a scout.  This bottle is the toughest and most versatile bottle on the market. Rolls up to fit into your backpack or place it over a camp fire to heat up water for potability or placing in the sleeping bag to stay warm at night. 

Made from Silicone, the bubi bottle is BPA free, and can be turned inside out to clean after a long trip.  Check it out,  we are also offering a combination pack to add the sports cap, this allows single hand use while hiking. 

“Manufactured under license with Boy Scouts of America. All rights reserved”.

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