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Which Bubi Bottle size is right for me?

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 11/10/2017 to Fashion
Which Bubi Bottle size is right for me?

Everybody has different lifestyles so we created 3 different sizes that can fit into anyone's daily routine. Whether you go camping, traveling, running, or spend your days at the office, Bubi Bottle helps you keep hydrated throughout the day. 
You may be shopping around and wonder, how do I know what size water bottle do I need? Well we're here to make that easier for you too! Check out below which size suits you the most and make your Bubi purchase today. 

What size are you?

They may look small, but they are not to be trifled with! The 14 oz size is the hydration essential for:
          • Travel
          • Moms on-the-go
          • Children's water bottle
          • Hot/Cold compress for sore muscles
          • Throw into your diaper bag
          • Light jogs
  • & so much more.

This water bottle fit just right! The 22 oz size is the hydration essential for:

  • Carry on luggage
  • Long days at the office
  • Study sessions
  • Keep warm during winter nights
  • Throw into your camping bag
  • Gym  or yoga workouts
  • & so much more.

Bigger is always better. The 35 oz size is the hydration essential for:

  • Fitness training
  • Completing water intake goals
  • Dry box for hiking, camping, or outdoor sports
  • Sport games
  • Hiking or camping
  • Long road trips
  • & so much more.

We hope you know which Bubi Bottle size suits you by now. Still can't decide? Well then you've fallen into that category that we love! Your lifestyle is every lifestyle. So collect all 3 sizes to better suit your adventurous days. 
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