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Bubi Bottle = the ultimate travel companion

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 5/27/2016 to News

According to the calendar, summer begins on Monday Memorial day, but not according to the celestirial calendar.

That is ok, because our activity level will pick up and travel begins strong this time of year, damn the long lines at the airport, the bubi bottle will handle the frustration and your hydration needs with many advantages.

We just got written up by oxygen, Jade and Yoga Magazines, all for travel sports and leasure.

Each of these magazines did their own testing and highly recommend the bubi bottle.

Personally when I fly, I take both sizes, the small for my water or coffee, and the large for hot water to use as a hot compress pillow.

They are amazing to stay hydrated and comfortable with the 20 hour flights I have taken recently.

I also take about 10 new bottles with me, almost every flight attendent buys at least one for their travels, they are amazed at the convenience of rolling it up, but even more important to add hot water to stay warm when the air is too cold or for the aches and pains of being a flight attendent.