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Creation of the baby bottle

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 11/13/2015 to News

The baby bottle was the highest requested new product for the bubi bottle. Yes, we got requests for clear bottles and even a few requests1 liter bottles, but mothers love the features of the bubi bottles: scrunchable, great feel, reversible, BPA and phthalate free, freezer and microwave safe. By reducing the size to 10 oz and adding a volume scale - it is the ultimate baby bottle!

Some of the features for the baby bubi are: warm and squishy to babies’ little touch, safe and very comforting. In addition, the bottle does not need any air holes to allow it to release milk or juice, which results in less aeration, a more comfortable feeling, less need for burping. Lastly, a baby can drink from any position, as they get older they move around and drink from all angles.

Features for the parents include some of the same advantages as for the baby, such as: less need for burping, which makes more fun for all. Also the bottle is freezer safe, so breast milk can be frozen and defrosted by microwave or placed directly on the stove as we know microwaving is not always a healthy choice.

We have been out a short period of time and already getting tons of feedback from new moms, nursing moms and toddler moms.

The babi bubi is a hit, already winning Top Choice Awards by Parent Maternity Magazine, as a top choice and preferred product.Another advantage is the sippy cap, it can be used on the baby bottle when your child is ready to convert to a sippy cup, it is sometimes easier to convert using the same bottle vs switching them to another cap. The 14 oz bottles are also good when you need to grow to a larger bottle.

In a few days will be on TV and will share another blog post on that experience!