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Family Review Center reviews Bubi Bottle- Here's what they had to say:

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 6/13/2017 to News
Family Review Center reviews Bubi Bottle- Here's what they had to say:
We love reading Bubi Bottle features and appreciate the time it takes to review our products! Family Review & Award Center featured Bubi Bottle on their page and said nothing but great things. Enjoying the many uses, they talk about the improvements as well as the same features the 2nd generation bubi bottle offers. Here is a few things they said about bubi:

"Take 2! This is the second generation, new and improved Bubi Bottle! These bottles I find totally amazing. Not just by what they can do, but how well they can hold up to extraordinary circumstances. I actually watched a Youtube video where a guy introduced a Bubi Bottle to an Alligator and the bottle won! Say, What!? Yes! These are made to stand up to just about anything, including being ran over and hold up better than even a stainless container. So, while I will not be putting it to extreme testing like that, I can say they can be squished down to no size at all and bounce right back. You can throw them, etc. without phasing it ... so, I dare say normal daily life will keep these usable for many, many years."

Read the rest about bubi on their page by clicking here.

We at Bubi Bottle would like to thank Family Review & Award Center for taking the time to review our products and enjoying it. 

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