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Halloween is my favorite holiday

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 10/29/2015 to News

I love Halloween. It’s the least stressful holiday unless you are still making your R2D2 costume and just ran short on tinsel, it is a personal holiday, unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July and the list goes on. It is personal, with costumes, being kind to all the kids in the neighborhood, handing out candy and listening to “trick or treat”.

Thinking up a costume is possibly the only stressful part: what do you like, who do you admire or how to be someone different for just one evening. You can be anyone or anything. This year you will see more Frozen princesses and Captain America super heroes. We will even see some new political costumes and of course subway rats. I personally have been trying to make a bubi bottle costume; I may have to see a professional seamstress.

Remembering back when trick or treated as a kid in my hometown Marshall Wisconsin, it was a race to visit all the houses on the street, gather the most candy, frowned when apples were plopped in my bag. The ultimate was going home and spreading all the candy on the floor and comparing the bounty with my brothers. When my children went trick or treating, it was the same routine as with my brothers. Then the tricky part, how to make sure my dad did not eat the candy and mom, yes mom, used to portion out the candy so we didn't get sick… I never remember the candy lasting more than a week.

We used to get cold, grew up in Wisconsin, and sometimes needed to stay warm which ruined the entire experience of my wonderfully thought out costume. Wish I had invented the bubi bottle back then, just fill the collapsible water bottle with hot water and wear under my costume, does not burn just keeps you warm like a hot compress.

Adults have a different way to celebrate. Yes you have costumes, and ever so imaginative, you will find less candy and possibly some alcohol will be involved. But it is a night you can be whomever you want – a nurse, a doctor, a belly dancer - I think you get the direction this is going.

The fun normally begins with a parade in each city, and I’ve seen some incredible parties/parades in San Francisco, Madison WI, NYC, Richmond VA to name a few, but know each large city is proud of their parades and the turnout. These parades are full of fun, and surprises at the creativity of the costumes. Just when you think a costume was the most unique another appears.

Now a little known secret, the bubi bottle is great to carry around your favorite beverage, again can be hot cocoa, or possibly an adult beverage, legally of course. The bottles are made of silicone and can easily be stuffed in some of those skimpy outfits or using the special sports cap, can squirt through the mouthpiece of that mask you bought.

However you celebrate Halloween - be safe but take advantage of being who you cannot be the rest of the year. And next year you may see a picture of me in that bright blue bubi bottle!