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How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest - continued

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/10/2016 to News

Continuing on our last blog post “How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest”, and what being the softest means to the environment and local communities.

My original need for a scrunchable bottle came at the yoga studio on 63rd and 3rd in Earth Yoga in New York. I lived on 82nd and Lexington, and would walk 5 times a day to the studio with a hard plastic refillable bottle. After each 75 minute workout in a 110 degree room, my water bottle was empty and clothes wet, I would then walk home hungry and would stop to get something to eat, then carried everything in a shoulder saddle bag, and could not fit anything else in the bag because of that empty bulky bottle!

Ah ha, as I thought I was smarter than an average bird, I threw out that plastic refillable bottle that took up all that space and later followed what others at the studio did – bought another bottled water at the studio for 3 dollars and tossed it away at the end of the class. That would spare room in my bag as the bottle would never get to the bag again, but then it would cost me 15 dollars a week for water and the convenience. Guess I may have over smarted myself!

I know there had to be a better solution, so I went to my nearby camping shop to see if they had any scrunchable bottles and found a PET bottle by platypus, it rolled up and had a nipple at the end to use in class roll up and carry home, saving money and the environment. The issue with that bottle is that it’s very hard to clean and would droop over and the mouthpiece would hit the floor where all the sweat was accumulating. That bottle is not good for more than 3 months unless you run Clorox into it for cleaning, and it takes a bit to get the flavor out of the bottle.

See my feeling is the reason people use bottled water is the convenience of just tossing it out, because carrying around a heavy metal, plastic or pouch is very inconvenient as it uses up the same space, empty or full. You will even see people getting around the bottle issues by reusing their previously purchased bottled water, this is common at the airports as well where water is 4 dollars behind security check.

What the bubi bottles do for all the people using them today and in the future is the convenience of rolling up to fit anywhere. It also saves the environment considering average 2 number of bottles used per day x 365 bottles x 4 (of a family of 4), coming to nearly 3,000 bottles a year!

It’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and you can just use simple soap and water or turn inside out to clean the inside from the outside. It’s also BPA free and microbial resistant. It can be frozen to carry in lunchboxes then drink while eating or use for picnics to keep dishes cool and fresh.

And last night someone around had a bad back and we filled the bottle with hot water and helped them survive before going to the doctors.

Can go to your favorite coffee house and fill with coffee or tea and stay warm on the winters cold days outside.

You need to check out the bottles for all you do.