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How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/28/2015 to News

When creating the bubi bottle I was looking for the safest material for a specially designed bottle which scrunches to take less room when stored in a bag. Flexibility was my first thought in choosing this Silicone Material.

My first introduction to the market was at the Inventors Corner with the International Houseware Show in Chicago. We were invited to present the bottle to the primary buyers for major retail and online stores, i.e. QVC, As Seen on TV, Costco, Brookstone… At that first presentation I demonstrated the bottle’s flexibility and how it could be used as a hot or cold compress. It was at that time Kevin Harrington told me to name 15 things this bottle would do differently than any other bottle, and we did.

Now we are testing the bottle to extremes. At first I wasn’t keen on doing extreme testing other than microwave and freezer safety and fire resistance. Then my son did a video tossing it around and not hurting anyone.

Here is what we did: we dropped a test steel bottle and a bubi bottle from a 4 story building. The steel bottle popped the top and had a massive dent which made the bottle unusable ever, bottled water made a splash; and the bubi bottle bounced. So we took it to a higher extreme at the 5th floor, it landed on the cap and it broke, but we replaced the part and bottle was like new.

Ran over the bottle with a taxi cab in NYC, it just got squished but got back in its original shape.

Ok, here is where it got real: my friend Chris Gillette, a Gator Trainer and outdoor adventurist, tested it to see if a gator could damage it with its 2000 pounds of pressure and the teeth. We took precautions to not harm the gator and made sure the gator did not swallow the bottle. For 10 minutes the gator chomped on the bottle and no leaks or cuts happened, and there was little need to test the other bottles, as the gator did not like them at all.

After placing the bottle over a fire to boil water or cook in it, it stayed in a great condition, flexible and sturdy.

Well we out did ourselves! A friend Hugo Rainer was at a SWAT round-up and well, boys will be boys, we wanted to see what would happen if we shot the bottle! There are many videos of shooting bottled water bottles, and the explosion is quite massive. So after getting a permission from the range instructor, we took one shot from 50 yards with a 308. The bottle fell over but no splash. We were not allowed another shot in the event it ricocheted. What happened was the bullet went straight through and the bottle self-healed! Now we do not condone shooting the bottle nor is it any good for stopping bullets, but the self-healing aspect is helpful in the event it gets punctured.

Check out the video my brother and I put together in my father’s field, you will be amazed!