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Miami.com lists Bubi Bottle on their "How to Survive Disney in the Summer" article.

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 4/25/2017 to News
Miami.com lists Bubi Bottle on their
Disney is an essential summer vacation destination with souvenirs, park rides, meet & greets, and a lot of Florida summer sun. When you aren't worrying of your children getting sunburnt, you're worried about keeping them happy and especially hydrated. 

Miami.com has named Bubi Bottle on their "How to Survive Disney in the Summer" where they list tips to make your Disney trip less stressful and more fun filled with a misting fan, listing rides with AC, and some hotel recommendations. Along this list, Miami.com gives you a tip on hydration with the Bubi Bottle! 

"Bring Your Own Water Bottle. We like the collapsable Bubi bottle made of silicone to make them resistant to the heat/cold and puncture proof."

Besides the amount of plastic pollution water bottles cause, you can easily spend around $5 per water bottle at Disney parks. With the bubi bottle, you not only recycle plastic bottles but recycle that hard earned cash! Instead use those $5 on those huge turkey legs (you're welcome). 

Purchase your own Bubi bottle by clicking here. 

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