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On the Today Show...BUBI BOTTLE

Posted by Michelle Chia on 9/15/2016 to News
On the Today Show...BUBI BOTTLE
      With school back into session, parents are running around collecting notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and lunch boxes to make sure their children are all set for the new school year! Packing lunches with plastic water bottles or throwing a boring water bottle into their school backpack. Not anymore. 

      Bubi Bottle makes an appearance on the TODAY show with Matt Lauer, who explains how much he LOVES the Bubi Bottle. Bubi is the Hi-Tech school essential your children need! Whether you roll it up in their lunch box or use the carabiner to clip it to their school backpack. Matt Lauer and digital expert, Mario Armstrong talk about the new technology that will ease that transition into long school days. 
  • Scented Backpacks
  • Bluetooth Key Rings
  • Private Bed Tents
      We are so glad to hear how much Matt Lauer loved our Bubi Bottle! This silicone water bottle is BPA FREE, can be used to keep liquids or solids safe in your children's backpack or lunch boxes. With an array of colors that can fit any child, they are light and foldable, ready to store whenever your child is done. 
For more information and features for the Bubi Bottle, visit http://www.bubibottle.com