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Paste features Bubi Bottle

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/25/2017 to News
Paste features Bubi Bottle
Don't let the couple feet of snow and bitter cold keep you from completing your workout! Paste features bubi as one of the workout gadget must haves when working out in the winter season. 

Here's what Paste had to say about bubi:

"Bubi Bottle isn’t another BPA-free, mold resistant, lightweight, yada yada yada [insert all that good stuff here] water bottle. It’s all those things, and more. Here’s how: it keeps your beverage cold or hot–meaning you can sip yourself to warmth after trudging through the snow. It also doubles as a waterproofing apparatus and a hot/cold compress or icepack, and folds up for on-the-go activities. Bonus points for the overachieving water bottle: it’s dishwasher safe. C’mon, you’ve expelled so much energy out there–who wants to do dishes after all that exercise?"

Thank you Paste for featuring bubi bottle on your article! Read more about bubi on Paste by clicking here

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