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Survival Water Bottle

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 9/28/2015 to News

Survival Water Bottle

A survival water bottle is one commodity that every sports or camping enthusiast ought to have. They bring convenience and reliability to your activities. You can go about your sports or hiking without worrying about how you are going to quench your thirst. A survival water bottle can also be used for carrying water to the gym.

The survival water bottle comes in two different types. There is a plastic bottle as well as a silicone water bottle. They have their similarities and differences as well. The survival water bottle, whether plastic or silicone, can be used with a replaceable dual filter. This filter has the ability to filter out impurities such as bacteria, algae, spore, and cysts alike when camping outdoors or hiking. Filters also significantly reduce chlorine, heavy metals, and residual odor. A filter is also very long-lasting and is effective for quite a while before needing replacement.

Both bottles have plastic caps that are fitted with a flexible silicone mouthpieces. The mouthpiece can seal away beneath a re-closable top for hygiene purposes. The survival water bottle is designed in a standard shape and size that allows it to fit in a normal bike clip and also in your car cup holders. The bottle also has a loop handle that allows for carabiner attachment, making your bottle easy to secure anywhere. These bottles are easy to refill. Simply unscrew the top and pour in your contents.

The plastic survival water bottle is made of BPA-free food grade plastic that is squeezable when empty, as well as dishwasher safe. Some survival water bottles are also made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel usually has a superb quality and ensures the water bottle lasts longer. It is also very favorable for campers. It is favored because once you take off the plastic parts, the bottle can be used for sterilizing water or as a cooking pot.

Whatever you do outdoors however, it is always really nice to be able to have a collapsible water bottle. That way when you are finished with your drink, you are then able to compact it down to size to fit into your pocket. This helps when you are camping, hiking, or just at a soccer game and storage or portability is an issue.

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