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Bubi Bottle: The Only Bottle You Can Push Inside Out to Clean

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 4/5/2017 to Fashion
Clean your bubi bottles with ease by flipping them inside out to scrub for a better clean! Read more to find out how.

Jason Madaus' Bubi Bottle Use and Incorporation into Life Coaching

Posted by Jason Madaus on 3/25/2017 to News

To keep your mind sharp and your body functioning correctly, what is it that is needed on top of everything else?  No, not exercise, not nutrition (although they are both vital too) but water, hydration.  That is right, because the human adult body is made up of often up to 60% water.  When you do not have enough water causing you to start getting even a little dehydrated, you will notice an increased thirst, dry mouth, get more tired or sleepy, headache, dizziness, and that is just some of the symptoms. 


My name is Jason, CEO of Jason Madaus LLC, Life Coaching and Living a Positive Life Style to Inspire Your Authentic Self (jasonmadaus.com and Facebook page Jason Madaus).  

Travel Must Haves

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 3/12/2017 to Fashion
Travel Must Haves
Gear yourself up with some travel essentials like the Bubi Bottle for your next adventure!

Paste features Bubi Bottle

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/25/2017 to News
Paste features Bubi Bottle

Paste features bubi as one of their "7 Accessories to Make Your Winter Workout Bearable"! Keep warm and hydrated with the bubi bottle on your side of your winter workouts! Check out their article here. 

Bubi Bottle on Health Magazine!

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/13/2017 to News
Bubi Bottle on Health Magazine!
Health Magazine features Bubi Bottle on their list to be in the best shape & a bargain buy! Read more to why bubi bottle is the perfect travel or workout buddy. 

Stick to your New Year's resolution in 5 easy steps!

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/1/2017 to Fashion
Stick to your New Year's resolution in 5 easy steps!
Make sticking to your New Year's resolution as simple as cake...while cutting back on cake to get that six pack you've always wanted!

Last Minute Gifts for All Your Friends!

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/20/2016 to Fashion
Last minute gifts for any type of friends on your gift list: from errands runners to adventure lovers! Bubi Bottle is the perfect gift for friends and family. 

Bubi Bottle's Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/5/2016 to Fashion
Bubi Bottle's Holiday Gift Guide
Don't stress this holiday season, check out Bubi Bottle's Holiday Gift Guide to ensure the best gifts for all your loved ones! For her, for him, or for them bubi bottles are the essential gifts and stocking stuffers this year. 

Kristle Lowell, USA Team's Tumbling & Trampoline Champion & her Bubi Bottle

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 11/15/2016 to News
Bubi Bottle sits down with Kristle Lowell, USA Gymnastic Team's Trampoline and Tumbling champion as she explains why she loves her bubi bottle and recommends it to everyone!

Bubi Bottle donates to Trash Free Lunch Day by Grades of Green.

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 10/17/2016 to News
Bubi Bottle donates to Trash Free Lunch Day by Grades of Green.
Grades of Green is a volunteer program helping raise environmental awareness to schools across the nations hosting events like Trash Free Lunch Day- helping students reduce their lunch waste. Bubi Bottle donated countless of BPA free and reusable bottles to the cause. 

Bubi on The Outdoor Journal

Posted by Michelle Chia on 9/24/2016 to News

On the Today Show...BUBI BOTTLE

Posted by Michelle Chia on 9/15/2016 to News
On the Today Show...BUBI BOTTLE
Check out digital lifestyle expert, Mario Armstrong and TODAY's Matt Lauer as they help parents get their children the back to school hi-tech gear they need for this year! Bubi Bottle is perfect for lunch boxes, backpacks, and lockers! Matt Lauer "LOVES" the Bubi Bottle! 

Miss Florida USA 2017

Posted by Craig Madaus on 7/23/2016 to Fashion

Bubi Bottle = the ultimate travel companion

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 5/27/2016 to News
According to the calendar, summer begins on Monday Memorial day, but not according to the celestirial calendar.

That is ok, because our activity level will pick up and travel begins strong this time of year, damn the long lines at the airport, the bubi bottle will handle the frustration and your hydration needs with many advantages.

Bubi/QVC experience

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 4/26/2016 to News
Bubi/QVC experience
Last month we had the awesome experience of being on QVC.  However, we had a tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany from the March 4 to the 7th,  and one week before leaving for Germany,  they assigned the date of March 8th at 8 AM.  Decisions. Decisions.  Well, Susan Butterworth, a regular on the show and the host, would have to handle the 7 minute presentation.

Iphone and Bubi silicone multi use

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 4/13/2016 to News

The New iPhone SE is out

This is awesome news for the bubi bottle. Not only do I like the size of the New iPhone for its single handed use, it is also the proper size for the bubi bottle.  Back when the bubi bottle was invented, we were able to insert the phone into the bottle for protection from the rain, swimming at the beach or any exciting adventures where dampness could do serious harm. 

bubi bottle featured in Oxygen magazine

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 3/26/2016 to News
Now that it is officially spring, we can begin dusting off the bicycles, rollerblades, hiking boots and camping equipment and head out to our national parks.

Oxygen magazine just wrote an article on the subject, titled Park It! Our National Parks Services turns 100 years old this year. There are over 400 parks available to everyone.

Using bubi bottle to Make an Omelette in a Microwave

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/29/2016 to News

If you are out camping and need to use fire to cook food, you can use bubi bottle as a fire resistant and safe container to make soups and other hot dishes, or to simply boil water.

You can also use it at home for microwave cooking. We decided to test bübi’s cooking skills by making a delicious steak and sweet potato omelette (can be also handy when you are staying at a hotel with minimum convenience and want to warm up some food or boil water for tea or coffee). 

bubi bottle Helps to Stay Fresh and Healthy While Traveling in Hot Climates

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/21/2016 to News

At the beginning of this year one of the many happy owners of bubi bottle, Katya Tsvetkova, embarked upon an exciting trip in South East Asia, starting from Thailand.

And just as many other savvy travelers would do, she did her homework and read about the importance of carrying fresh water and avoiding public tap water, as well as drinks with ice to minimize the chance of food poisoning.

All Bottled Up - Another Story from a Happy Customer Using babi bubi bottle

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/14/2016 to News
We'd like to share another story from one of the many happy owners of bubi bottle - Joanie Cox-Henry from Sun Sentinel magazine tells us how using babi bubi bottle to feed her son made it a hassle free and joyful experience!

How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest - continued

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 1/10/2016 to News

Continuing on our last blog post “How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest”, and what being the softest means to the environment and local communities.

My original need for a scrunchable bottle came at the yoga studio on 63rd and 3rd in Earth Yoga in New York. I lived on 82nd and Lexington, and would walk 5 times a day to the studio with a hard plastic refillable bottle. After each 75 minute workout in a 110 degree room, my water bottle was empty and clothes wet, I would then walk home hungry and would stop to get something to eat, then carried everything in a shoulder saddle bag, and could not fit anything else in the bag because of that empty bulky bottle!

How the softest bottle in the world is the strongest

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/28/2015 to News
When creating the bubi bottle I was looking for the safest material for a specially designed bottle which scrunches to take less room when stored in a bag. Flexibility was my first thought in choosing this Silicone Material.

My first introduction to the market was at the Inventors Corner with the International Houseware Show in Chicago. We were invited to present the bottle to the primary buyers for major retail and online stores, i.e. QVC, As Seen on TV, Costco, Brookstone… At that first presentation I demonstrated the bottle’s flexibility and how it could be used as a hot or cold compress. It was at that time Kevin Harrington told me to name 15 things this bottle would do differently than any other bottle, and we did.

bubi bottle featured on RedbookMag.com in their Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/18/2015 to News
bubi bottle was featured on RedbookMag.com in their Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide: "Not only are these BPA- and microbial-free, they're also safe to freeze and hold over a fire to boil water or heat up soup."

An inspiring customer story: "​babi bubi bottles, My Successories"

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/10/2015 to News

One of our customers kindly shared their inspiring story about their journey to weight loss and health with the help of bubi bottles.

“As someone who spent decades struggling with weight, in 2014 (at 410 pounds), I finally decided to have weight loss surgery. The effect of the surgery is that my stomach was reduced to hold only 8 ounces. Another change is that I have to drink 2 protein shakes a day. I travel a lot for business and the restrictions on liquids created a problem trying to get through TSA with ready-to-drink shakes. Plus, I lead a very busy life. To keep my protein intake on schedule, I had to find a way to carry protein powder and I needed a way to make my shakes on the go.