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bubi bottle featured on the New Day Northwest show - King5 TV

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/1/2015 to News

About a month ago we got a phone call from King5 TV station in Seattle, WA, suggesting to review our product, and well our answer was a YES! They loved the product, and offered to present it on “Gotta Have Gifts” show just in time for the great holiday gift giving season.

We sent the following key points and they hit most of them (which is so helpful when presenting such a multiuse bottle!):

  • The bubi bottle is named after the blue footed booby bird in the Galapagos Islands:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYmzdvMoUUA
  • This is a water bottle as a water fowl, has a look like the bird and wobbles like the bird in the mating dance.
  • The bottle is heat resistant for holding hot beverages or microwaving, and to keep you warm in the winter or to be used as a therapeutic aid when flying (can use it as a pillow). Just fill half full and squish out the air and place around joints or cramping areas.
  • The bottle can also be frozen to carry around groceries etc. or again fill half full and use as a cold compress, squeezing out the air.
  • BPA and microbial free.
  • The Insert with the splash shield was specially designed to not spill when drinking from a wide mouth bottle, and keeps ice from slamming against your teeth.
  • The insert and threads come off to wash in the dishwasher, or with soap and hot water or turn the bottle inside-out to wash the inside from the outside. Don't do this on the air, as you need soapy water inside the bottle to perform the action.
  • Can be used as a multiuse container for hot, cold, dry goods etc., as well as medical aid and comfort.

The reason people like bottled water from a store is that a bottle can be tossed when done, as empty they take up the same amount of space in a purse or bag - very inconvenient. bubi bottle rolls up and fits anywhere when empty and takes up much less room as it empties!

The response to the show has been great and there are going to be some very happy people this holiday season!

You can watch the show episode here.