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bubi bottle users make suggestions of its unique uses!

Posted by Bubi Bottle on 12/7/2015 to News

The bubi bottle has many features, and one of them is staying comfortable in a cold situation. Recently I went to visit my family in Wisconsin, and I will admit it was warm enough there for them. 25 degrees was the lowest, but having lived in Florida for 2 years now I must say it’s cold!

We have been inspired by our bubi bottle owners to show some of the ways to use your bottles in the winter or to make your life more comfortable. The bubi bottle can be filled with your morning coffee or tea and tucked under your coat to take a walk or get into a freezing car. Recently received this story from a skier, who filled the bottles with hot cocoa and headed off to the slopes with the hot bubis in his boots. He said the boots were warm and flexible because they were warmed up prior, and “felt like putting on slippers”.

We’ve got many other stories on staying warm when skiing, camping or walking to work, for carrying coffee, tea or cocoa. Just place the bottle inside your coat, sleeping bag or even in a casserole dish insulator to keep it warm.

Another person reported using the bottle as a hot compress pillow when flying. Just add hot water to the bottle and place it on your neck as a hot compress, and enjoy it as a phenomenal pillow to fall asleep. The flight attendants being on their feet and having to deal with cabin temperatures, little sleep and just aches and pains also enjoy the bottles as a hot or cold compress.

Recently we got a call about how the bottles were delivered, and a coworker had a back issue - so he filled the bottle with hot water, used it as a hot compress and was able to finish the day. It was soothing and helped ease the pain in the lower back. We have also used the bottle for injury recovery, aches, pains, headaches, etc.

The bubi bottle is a great multiuse bottle, I am including the most recent write-up from Breachbangclear, they tested the bottle like no others, and it’s a great read: www.breachbangclear.com