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Equip with a 14 oz, 22 oz, or 35 oz

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This uniquely designed sports cap is the water bottle cap accessory is the hydration essential.

This sports cap makes on-the-go sipping easier and cleaner. The flip cap attaches to your bubi bottle and contains a nipple under the flip compartment. The hatch pinches the nipple to avoid any spills or leaks. Enjoy your coffee or tea without the worries of spilling with our leak-resistant technology. This Water Bottle Cap Accessory also allows for 2 forms of flow- bite top to bottom for a slow liquid flow or bite side to side for a faster flow. Also with our 9 different stylish colors, it’s perfect to represent your school colors or corporate branding.

The Flip Cap is ideal for errand runners, on-the-go coffee sippers, or children using sips cups!

Equip with a 14 oz, 22 oz, or 35 oz


Weight 2 oz


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