“Whether you’re toting H2O or hot tea, the silicone Bubi Bottle keeps you happy and hydrated. All done? Roll it up and stash it in your bag.”
– Health Magazine


Today dynamic duo Al Roker and Matt Lauer stay hydrated in style with Bubi’s innovative collapsible bottle.”
– Life & Style Magazine

“Craig Madaus would soon bump into his future almost as accidentally as we bumped into his story. And, as soon as we heard it, we had to know more.”
Forbes Magazine

“Bubi Bottle make his workouts a breeze with Bubi Bottle, a multi-tasking water bottle that will keep him well-hydrated during gym sessions and beyond.”
– QVC (The Cleo)


“89 Ways to Love Summer!”
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

“Enjoy, rinse, roll up to stow. The kids really enjoyed the bright Bubi Bottle color. What’s more? It can double as an ice pack if needed.”
First Time Parent Magazine

“The bubi bottle rolls up for easy packing, is puncture-resistant, can store dry and wet goods, and can be heated over fire to boil water.”
Oxygen Magazine


“Bubi Bottles are foldable for travel and activities. Use silicone to make them resistant to the heat/cold and puncture proof.”
Miami Beach Life Magazine

“Bubi Bottle isn’t another BPA-free, mold resistant, lightweight, yada yada yada [insert all that good stuff here] water bottle. It’s all those things, and more.”
Paste Magazine 

“For a water holder with a difference, check out the Bubi Bottle.” (Tripsavvy)


“The Bubi Bottle, pronounced just how you think, is our next favorite carrier of our water bottle needs.”
Austin Fit Magazine

“This BPA-free roll-and-go multi-use bottle is puncture-resistant and can be rolled completely flat. Now, their 35-ounce option is available and perfect to throw in your gym bag and bring with you to your next workout. Plus, you can enjoy the freedom of no spills, as the straw provides two flows: fast and slow.”
Brit + Co

“If you are looking for a unique and versatile water bottle that is easy to clean and hard to break, the Bubi Bottle will do the trick.”


“Water bottles can really take up a lot of space, but not this baby. Not only is it microwave- AND freezer-safe, but it’s also got a roll-go-and-stow feature that makes it easy to pack”

“Upgrade to one of these stylish flasks for the ultimate hydration.”
Perfect Wedding Magazine UK

“The Bubi Bottle is lightweight, sturdy, and flexible. Made of non-toxic, medical-grade silicone, this high-performing bottle won’t leak in your bag.”


“Multi-use, collapsible silicone bottle; great for cold drinks or storing dry goods like seeds.”
Birds & Blooms Magazine

“Bubi Water Bottles provide a nifty new twist- or rather fold- on conservation-friendly water bottles.”
Los Angeles Times

“Esta botella portable también puede funcionar como un contenedor impermeable para tus objetos personales pequeños. ”
Siempre Mujer Magazine


“Gear + gadgets: Sip, scrunch, and stash these bottles.”
Miami Herald

“Get Back in Shape Special”
Women’s Health

“Summer HOT List. Q+A”
InStyle Magazine


“Look no further than The Grommet for inventive, eco-friendly ways to wrap that sandwich, tote that lunch, and quench your thirst on the go.”
The Grommet

“The bübi bottle is an ideal companion for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether you are on a mountaineering expedition and need a hot or cold compress for those achy and swollen joints, or need a vessel to warm up some tea or soup. “
The Outdoor Journal
cappers farmer

“They work great as a hot or cold compress for sprains and headaches. They’re fantastic for camping and boating. The bottles are ideal for kids, since they’re not breakable.”
Capper’s Farmer Holiday Gift Guide 2017

gift guide

“A backpacker trying to cram as much as possible into a small space would surely appreciate this feature”
The Outdoor Journal

outdoor journal
“They’re BPA free, won’t mold, are microwave safe and come with a karabiner for easy storing. What’s not to like?”
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  • 22 oz bubi,Such a rugged water bottle and yet so soft, BPA free, microwavable and dishwasher safe, It can be placed over a fire to purify water or cook your dinner, add the sports cap for single hand use. Yes we have been in many magazines and has been tested for its rugged use.

    Hiking Camping and survival bottles,
  • This 14 oz bubi bottle, great for kids going to school or mom and dad going to the coffee shop and not having to worry about spilling, Fun to customize and fun to use, BPA free, microwavable and dishwasher safe, It can be placed in the freezer and pack in the lunch bags to keep food fresh and they can roll it up on the way home,. add the sports cap for single hand use. Yes we have been in many magazines and has been tested for its rugged use.

    School, day trips and coffee shops, this bubi bottle can do it all
  • Imagine such a unique bottle BPA free, microwavable and dishwasher safe, scrunches up and fits anywhere in addition it makes drinking so much easier for moms and dads, and the baby gets less air since it is not added in the drinking process. Yes we have been in many magazines and has been tested for its rugged use.

    The baby bottle is the most unique and useful to both baby and parents
  • The time of the year has finally come. New backpacks, notebooks, pens, and lunch boxes to help ease our children nd students into the new school year. Whether they are going to elementary school or college, they’re many dangers surrounding students we should be aware of.

    1. Dehydration:
    Studies show more than half of U.S students are not hydrated enough due to sports, outdoor activities, or not drinking enough water. Besides the many health issues that come with dehydration like headaches, poor physical performance, and more; it can also negatively impact memory, mental ability, and learning ability. Without enough water, students will not be able to perform both physically and mentally to succeed in this school year.
    Students are able to fill up their bubi at any water fountain and maintain hydrated throughout the day. Our 22 oz is more than the daily required amount of water to stay healthy and hydrated. With the bubi, students can stay hydrated and focus on their school work.
    giphy2. Back problems from heavy backpacks:
    Students can feel the weight of the world on their shoulders- have you felt how heavy textbooks are nowadays? Many are unaware of the serious health issues heavy backpacks can cause on the back. Children are often carrying more than 4 pounds of lunch, books, and other school supplies on their back. Empty stainless steel or plastic bottles often weigh up to 8 ounces and can add on to that already heavy load on your child’s back.
    Avoid your child walking around with a turtle shell because an empty bubi bottle only weighs about 4 ounces- that’s HALF of other bottles. We offer 3 different size bottles (14 oz, 22 oz, and 35 oz) that all roll up and can easily be stored in any backpack or lunchbox. Bubi also includes a carabiner to easily attach to a backpack or bag.
    3. Bacteria…ew:
    Everyone wants to avoid getting sick during the school year- unnecessary skipped days and lots of fluids. Studies show, water bottles used by school students repeatedly without being cleaned contained a very high amount of bacteria in their drinking water. Steel bottles are difficult to clean properly by hand or dishwasher (if they’re even dishwasher safe). If you stray away from those types of bottles, plastic bottles are a no-go as well, with some containing toxins like BPA and other chemicals.
    Bubi Bottles are BPA-Free and contain no harmful chemicals making it safe for your kiddos. Besides that, they are also dishwasher-safe even on the bottom rack. Like to wash things by hand? You can flip bubi inside out to get a real good scrubbing on the inside.
    4. Trapped Tongues…
    Don’t laugh. In stainless steel or plastic bottles are tongue traps for small children, who often get their little tongues stuck inside the mouths. These bottles often vacuum up tongues and cause swelling or get stuck.
    Bubi Bottles are made of soft silicone. Scrunch it, crunch it, or squish it- no trapped tongues here.
    Be sure to purchase your bubi bottle before the end of summer! So many colors and sizes available making it perfect for any high schooler or college bounders!
    Happy back-to-school. May the odds be ever in your favor.

    Bubi Bottle helps you prevent the common dangers of back-to-school season